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Would you like to support quilters of color AND receive a free quilt pattern from a designer of color every other month?  Look no further.  The Mary Go Round Membership does just that.  I started this membership in 2021.  Since then, I have featured many quilters of color.  I introduce these quilters to you via Zoom interview where you can participate and ask questions.  These informal Q&As are a great way for you to meet some of your favorite designers of color up close and in “zoom person” and to meet some of those talented designers you may not be familiar with right now.

We are all about community.  This membership is for you.  I want you to make connections and meet new  quilty friends who share your passion for quilting.  Join the private Facebook group and show us what you’re working on.  

This is the only membership of its kind that features modern quilt patterns from designers of color.  In the Mary Go Round Membership you will have access to exclusive patterns, tutorials and more!  My goal is to introduce quilt pattern designers of color to you and help diversify the playing field when it comes to the quiltyverse.  Join us for the fun.  Be a part of something new!

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The most fun for me is that I get to meet these talented quilters of color via Zoom interviews.  And guess what?  You can too!  Membership entitles you to participate in live Q&As with designers, quilters, fabric designers of color.  All for a low monthly fee. Click here to learn more.

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